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Ensuring the future of Perl

This year, The Perl Foundation will reach over 600 Perl developers through conferences, providing valuable education opportunities and improving the employable pool of developers. In 2014, The Perl Foundation will launch a brand new initiative to provide free or low-cost training to at least 25 brand new Perl developers by the end of the year. Additionally, we will award $100,000 in grants this year to improve Perl projects, open-source libraries, and Perl itself.

Businesses struggle to find the most suited developers to support their Perl code base. Meanwhile, new startups face important decisions about which language to use. Both are forced to consider the costs of finding, recruiting, and training Perl developers. If businesses choose to move away from Perl, it becomes more difficult to attract new developers to learn Perl. The Perl Foundation is working diligently to prevent this vicious cycle through our conferences and new low-cost training program.

Meanwhile, developers and organizations are threatened with patent and trademark lawsuits as shell corporations attempt to claim ownership of open-source ideas. This is why The Perl Foundation continues to maintain a global portfolio of Perl trademarks and has funded legal challenges against organizations attempting to claim “Perl” as their own.

The Perl Foundation is growing! In 2013, we launched our new community advocacy program. We also participated in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women, hiring our first intern to help improve Moose, a postmodern object system for Perl. With your support, The Perl Foundation is pleased to make these bigger and bolder steps to benefit employers and developers alike.

Thank you for taking the time to review this sponsorship prospectus. Your contribution enables The Perl Foundation to keep Perl a strong and viable language choice for everybody.

Daniel Wright
The Perl Foundation

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